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We want to help parents include human compassion in homeschool social studies lessons.

To accomplish that, our quick-read booklets provide step-by-step instructions for promoting critical thinking about DEI morals (empathy, kindness, and respect for everyone).

In all of our guidebooks, we emphasize two basic principles: 1) children learn most efficiently when they‚Äôre given ‚Äėbreadcrumbs‚Äô of information that lead them to arrive at a conclusion on their own (critical thinking in action); and 2) any social studies subject that has a direct effect on humanity (e.g., immigration, economics, religion, geography, history, etc.) needs to be explained to children with a complementary dose of empathy for the human experience.

For example, our guidebook titled "How to Tell Kids the Truth About Native Americans" supplements U.S. History lessons that teach the "discovery" of America. We focus on the human element of the Native American experience by equipping parents with concise instructions for:

  • Learning what your child already knows.
  • Explaining¬†stereotypes.
  • Subtly¬†suggesting DEI morals as they apply to Native Americans.
  • Adjusting household conversations and routines to encourage respect for¬†Native Americans.
  • Answering common questions from kids about Native Americans.
The bottom line? By helping parents subtly infuse DEI morals into homeschool follow-up conversations, we hope to empower all parents to be active participants in their child’s social-justice education.

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Secular Homeschool Resources for Parents - Supplemental Guidebooks

To be clear, our booklets are not intended as replacements for homeschool lesson plans. Instead, each booklet below should be read by parents (not students), and provides step-by-step suggestions for complementing homeschool lesson plans with DEI morals. 


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Please get in touch if you have any suggestions for how our guidebooks can further enrich secular homeschool curricula.