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Kids need real-world validation of what they're learning in homeschool lessons.

We're not talking about study aids or more reading, but things parents can do around the house to substantiate lesson material. Things like relevant conversations, adjusted household routines, and family outings are essential to 'drive home' full understanding of lesson material. 

For example, suppose your child is learning about U.S. history and the 'discovery' of America. Our guidebook titled "How to Tell Kids the True Story of Native Americans (without scaring them)" provides step-by-step suggestions for:

  • Discovering what your child already knows about Native Americans
  • Explaining the basics of Native American history truthfully
  • Answering common questions about Native Americans
  • Cultivating respect for¬†indigenous people
Here's another way to look at it. Just like science lessons are most effectively taught with hands-on experiments, social studies subjects (history, geography, etc.) are most effectively taught with parent/child follow-up conversations and customized household routines.

The bottom line? We fully support parents who strive to raise inclusive, well-informed adults. Our guidebooks complement progressive homeschool lessons with real-life validation at home so students can flourish.

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Homeschool Resources for Parents - Supplemental Guidebooks

The books below provide supplemental guidance for parents who've opted to teach an inclusive curriculum at home. Each book provides step-by-step suggestions for pertinent conversations and household routines that validate progressive social studies lessons. 


Please get in touch if you have any suggestions for how our guidebooks can further enrich homeschool lessons.