How to Support ASD Siblings

How to Support ASD Siblings

I grew up as the younger sister (by two years) of a brother with undiagnosed Autism Spectrum Disorder (ASD). ASD was not a recognized diagnosis at the time (1970s), but...
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How to Answer Kids' Questions About People with Special Needs

Kids ask some whopper questions in public. It's just what they do. For most parents, the natural instinct is to shush them and hope it goes away. But here's the thing. It's so...
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How to Explain the Israel-Palestine Conflict to Kids

Your kids are bound to hear something about the Israel-Palestine conflict from friends. And they'll no doubt come home and ask you what it means.Here some steps for explaining it simply -...
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How to Turn Taco Night Into a Kids' Culture-Awareness Party

When your child asks 'what's for dinner?' and you say 'tacos,' how many times have you gotten an eye roll? Never, right?Okay, there must be a few kids out there,...
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How to Boost Your Daughter's Confidence

Check out these great ideas and resources galore! At a time in your daughter’s life when feeling included and recognized is so important for her self confidence, the burgeoning girl-power...
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How Do You Teach DEI at Home?

All of the DEI Parent Guidebooks we publish help parents guide their kids toward a healthy understanding of all different types of people. Whether those people are gay, transgender, disabled, poor, older,...
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