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Do your guidebooks promote critical thinking?

Absolutely! One of the educational themes common to all of our guidebooks is the idea of "planting seeds" of information. By giving kids the right seeds of information, the goal is to enable them to evaluate and problem-solve on their own - critical thinking in action!

Instead of telling them what they should think, promoting independent thinking is a much more effective way of enabling kids to become lifelong learners.

What's the best way to utilize your guidebooks?

First, you should know they're short. We intentionally avoided a big time commitment on your part because we know how busy parenthood is.

Also, each booklet provides specific step-by-step instructions (per the American Psychological Association) for getting your message across - things like how to learn what your child already knows, how to explain the basics without losing their attention, how to answer inevitable questions, and what you can do around the house to cultivate the value you're trying to teach.

Lastly, our booklets are written to provide the greatest amount of ideas and practical suggestions using the least amount of words. Our author was a single mom, lived through the daily race against time, and knows how important it is to find what you need. Now!

What age group are your guidebooks intended for?

We write our booklets for parents of kids ages 6-12. That said, we're aware that there are vastly different maturity levels at every age and parents know best what is and isn't appropriate for their own child.

Who writes your guidebooks?

Trish Allison writes our booklets. She shares wisdom that can only be learned in the trenches of parenting in a non-traditional family.

She combined her experience as a parent, her career as a technical writer in Silicon Valley, extensive APA child psychology research, a degree in English from U.C. Berkeley, and a long-ignored passion to write something meaningful -- into a collection of diversity and inclusion parenting handbooks.

Are your guidebooks available in paperback format?

No. Our guidebooks are only available in EPUB and PDF formats. The reason we don't provide paperbacks is because our guidebooks are short (~45 pages average) and are designed to be read by busy parents with a tablet, e-reader, or smart phone.

There's another reason. In addition to embedded hyperlinks, the end of each chapter provides links to more information (in case you want to explore one of the chapter subjects further).

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