Diversity, Equity, and Inclusion (DEI) for Parents


'DEI for Parents' strives to embed DEI deep into our culture by helping parents communicate diversity and inclusion values at home. We do this by providing parenting handbooks that focus on specific diversity and inclusion issues like disability, religion, immigration, indigenous people, poverty, LGBTQ, and gender equality.  

We firmly believe that instilling diversity and inclusion values into the upcoming generation now as children, and helping them grow into open-minded adults, has become a parenting imperative. 


We write our guidebooks with parents of elementary-school kids in mind. That said, we're aware that there are different maturity levels at every age and parents know best what is and isn't appropriate for their own child.


Trish Allison writes our guidebooks. Raising two children in a 1990s same-sex family (way before modern "acceptance"), gave Trish a unique perspective on the importance of teaching kids that everyone deserves kindness and respect.

She combined her experience as a parent, her career as a technical/procedural writer, countless hours of child psychology research, a degree in English from U.C. Berkeley, and a long-ignored passion to write something meaningful -- into a collection of social-justice parenting books.

The timing couldn't be better. As the world finally (slowly) awakens to the dire need to reduce cultural unfairness, helping parents raise a generation of open-minded kids is critical.