Homeschool Resources
for Parents

"Educating the mind without educating the heart is no education at all."

- Aristotle

The homeschool journey is a golden opportunity to educate the hearts of the next generation. By guiding children toward a compassionate understanding of DEI subjects like immigration, poverty, indigenous rights, gender equality, and religious freedom, we're teaching them how to engage with others in ways that go beyond traditional school curricula.

Personal homeschool stories ...

2nd grade American History

My 7 YO daughter is learning about American history and the events that led up to the birth of our nation. We chose a secular, progressive curriculum to follow, but there was still lots of room for me to fill in the "humanity" pieces. Even though she's just learning the basics, I could tell she was in full learning mode as soon as I started talking about the Native American experience.

- Shannon P.

4th grade Economy Basics

"How to Talk About Poverty and Homelessness" was the perfect resource for responding to my son's Economy lesson plan curiosity. As soon as we started the lesson, the conversation quickly turned to his questions about poverty and homelessness.

I'm so glad I had read the guidebook the day before. Every quick-read chapter was helpful, but I was the most grateful for chapter 4 that explained how to answer kids' common questions about poverty. When my son asked "what if we lose our house?" I knew exactly what to say.

- Linda

5th grade History

I'm all for it. My daughter is learning about women's suffrage and now she wants to know everything there is to know about women's history, where women's rights stand now, and where she fits in. I'll be honest...I'm not equipped to respond to everything she's been asking. Every day it feels like she comes up with a new question.

I found a lot of the information I need in "How to Teach Girls They're Just as Worthy as Boys" - things like how to define gender bias, what are some of the girl power groups she can join, and things I can do around the house to make it feel more gender-equal. I'm hoping her curiosity will continue.

- Paul H.


We intentionally priced our guidebooks inexpensively so they're accessible to everyone. Each guidebook can be used across a wide range of homeschool subjects.

Additionally, parents can simultaneously teach valuable moral lessons and draw a closer connection between homeschool subjects and real life at the same time.

Note: While homeschool supplements are typically used by students, we intentionally positioned DEI Parent Guidebooks as parent resources. We want our guidebooks to be read and enjoyed by parents for enriching their child's homeschool education.