how to explain transgender to kids, DEI for kids

How to Explain Transgender to Kids Using Simple Words

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All books in the Diversity, Equity, and Inclusion (DEI) Parent Guidebooks series are written for parents (and caregivers) of elementary school kids. This guidebook, one of our best sellers, focuses on how to explain transgender to kids by providing instructions for  explaining, simply, what it means to be transgender. You'll find concise guidance and practical ideas for:

  • Discovering what your child already knows about transgender people
  • Explaining (simply) the basics of being transgender
  • Learning how to answer common questions from kids
  • Cultivating compassion for transgender people at home
  • Learning how to talk so kids will listen

Please note: Instead of general advice like 'be a good role model' or 'talk about feelings,' our guidebooks provide specific age-appropriate examples and step-by-step instructions for integrating diversity and inclusion values into daily life at home.