gender equality for parents

How to Teach Girls They're Just as Worthy as Boys

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All Diversity, Equity, and Inclusion (DEI) guidebooks are for parents (and caregivers) of elementary school kids who want to encourage DEI values at home. This particular guidebook focuses on gender equality by providing instructions for parents to help girls overcome gender bias. You'll find step-by-step guidance for:

- Shaping specific household routines (including chores)
- Leading girls to discover and pursue their passion
- Finding appropriate mental toughness role models
- Teaching exact words for responding to misogyny
- Helping girls (both shy and outgoing) feel included in girl power
- Responding to common gender-equality questions from girls
- Learning how to talk so kids will listen
- Raising good humans

Instructions are written succinctly. Unlike typically long-winded parenting books, all DEI Parent Guidebooks are intentionally concise to help busy parents (and caregivers) quickly find the information they need.  

Our #1 goal is to help busy parents raise confident girls who can grow into their full potential.